Don't Be Scared, Google Sheets Won't Hurt You

by Jeffrey M. Welch

In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to give a training at an Edtechteam summit in Stanislaus County. I chose to build a training around Google Sheets. My reasoning was that Sheets is both incredibly powerful, and often intimidating to users. My concept was to teach users everything they needed to know to get started in one-hour training. Secondarily, I was hoping to prep teachers to take the Sheets portions of the Google for Education Level 1 and Level 2 exams. I have now done this training three times, with substantial modifications each time.

Version 1.0 - was a one-hour training with around 20 teachers. It went well, even if a bit too fast. This entire training took place within a single spreadsheet broken up into tabs.

Version 2.0 - I beefed up the instructions and added several activities for a Google Certification Bootcamp with the idea that the learners would mostly go through it on their own.

Version 3.0 (current) - I decided to break the sheets into specific activities using the new Google Sites and stretch the training to two hours, since I also added in several activities. It now has a basic and an intermediate/advanced training. I have presented this version live once. I feel it was well received, but being brand new, I still have some work to do on pacing.

If you want to see the training, or even go through it at your own pace, take a look here:

I am looking forward to presenting this again and continuing to improve in my timing and presentation skills.