An Insider's Guide to Online Learning

by Jeffrey M. Welch

I have been writing a guide to online learning which I am now nearly finished with. Having taught online college classes for over six years now, I have learned a great deal from my experience working with students.

When you teach the same thing multiple times, or work with different students each term, interesting patterns emerge. As much diversity as there is among students, there is a surprising consistency too. Each term I have seen students make the same mistakes that many students before them had made. In my classes this has led me to modify assignments or create improved instructions to help students avoid these errors. This is my hope for this book but to a wider audience. There are so many things going on, and people today are so busy, it seemed liked there was a real need for this kind of book.

There is a learning curve to everything. Almost everyone knows how a face-to-face class will work having spent many years in a K-12 classroom. However, if you have never taken an online class it can be a real eye-opener. There are familiar aspects, but there are many unfamiliar elements. Being prepared always pays off, this is even truer in the faced paced world of online learning.

Fitting the ethos of online learning this book will be published as an e-book. Depending on interest, there may be a print option down the road.

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