First Post!

by Jeffrey M. Welch

And so it begins. This blog is meant to bring together some of my interests, and projects, help me to build my focus and share some experiences along the way.

I am a budding entrepreneur interested in Twenty-First Century tools, particularly crowd-sourcing of data, and social tools to spread it. I am working with a business partner to develop a number of exciting new products and websites. Project #1 is almost ready to go: Our launch is imminent, but like all good things it takes time, and we have spent a lot of it! Way more than we thought when we started this journey.

One thing is becoming increasingly clear, it doesn't take a great idea to make a new business, it takes great execution of a great idea. I am working to see that become a reality.

More to follow...

To see projects as we develop them check out Not much there yet, but we are just getting started.