by Jeffrey M. Welch

I am starting to get excited about working on Teachers Pay Teachers products. I have always enjoyed constructing activities for my students, and now I have an avenue for sharing some of my products with others.

Today my students watched part of the 2015 State of the Union address. I have done this for most of the years that I have been a teacher. But what to do with the kids to keep them interested? A few years ago I came across a set of SOTU Bingo cards and a tradition was born. 

For the last several years I have sought out Bingo cards to use with my students, usually just for this event. I did the same this year, but my search also inspired me to make a specific product that I could share with other teachers. So with a bit of effort I developed an Excel template and teacher's guide that would allow any teacher to produce a quick Bingo game for review or teaching new material.

I put together two versions; they are pretty similar but have slightly different licensing terms (and prices). 

If you want to make Bingo cards to resell or to give away to whomever, get the limited redistribution version:

This experience is pretty exciting, maybe even fun. I plan to make a bunch of cards to myself. Coming soon!