First Product at Teachers Pay Teachers

by Jeffrey M. Welch

I heard about the Teachers Pay Teachers site several years ago, and the idea has always intrigued me.

Since the day I started teaching, I have made most of my materials myself, whether it was a handout, presentation, or anything else. So most everything I use is my own. After hesitating for some time I have finally pushed through my first products today.

I am all about quality work, so it isn't just a matter of posting something that I made and moving along. To me, it has to be complete, polished, and professional. Showing something to 8th graders and selling it to adults is pretty different. Needless to say there have been quite a few hours of me staring at my text and making sure there are no mistakes (I'm sure there still are).

After quite a bit of work I have put together several handouts and teachers guide and a presentation for implementing Cornell Notes in a classroom. I have never been thrilled with the available resources I have found on this topic, so here is my twist on it. I hope it is something that will help others and I hope that the time put in to polish the work pays off.

Oh yeah, and I included editable version and links for Google Apps for Education users too!

Check out my store and first products here:

You can download a free handout for Cornell Notes here:

The whole teaching unit plus handouts and links to the GAFE versions are here:


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