Twitter: Do These and Don't Do These

by Jeffrey M. Welch

Check out the Twiterversity guide for more.

There are certain things that some users do on Twitter that are bad practice. There are other things that you should do and do often. Here is a short list of the two categories.

Do These

  • Do have a good picture of yourself and an insightful biography posted. If you still have an "egg" picture up, you will be unfollowed by many.
  • Tweet at least several times a week and ideally at least once or twice a day. If you rarely tweet you will be unfollowed. Many users make use of "unfollow" tools which help them identify disengaged users.
  • Check your engagement stats on Twitter and Tweet when you get the most interactions (for me it is 6-9AM and 7-10PM Pacific time). If you want to engage find out when your users are paying attention and use this to your advantage.
  • Do use the reply, like/heart, and especially retweet. If you retweet with a quote, you will get stats from Twitter and likely much more engagement. So hit retweet and make a brief comment.
  • Do add several useful #hastags (searchable terms) to your tweets.
  • Do mention other users in your tweets by typing in their name @user if it is relevant to the tweet.
  • Join in on a Twitter Chat, there are many to choose from. Here is a calendar for education chats. They are happening all the time. Other themed chat calendars are out there, find the right one for your industry or interest. This will build followers!

Don't Do These

  • Don't sign up to a Twitter "real-user" verification service. These are annoying. You should not ask users to do anything extra to sign up as a follower. Keep it simple.
  • Don't follow back everyone who follows you. If their bio isn't obviously something you are interested in, it is fine to not follow them back, and this will keep your feed clean and relevant.
  • #Don't #go #crazy #with #hashtags. Two or three is good, five is OK but pushing it, more than 8 is obnoxious.

Check out the Twiterversity guide for more.