by Jeffrey M. Welch

A themed guide to my posts that will help you to build your personal learning network on Twitter. To see all posts on this topic click here: Twitterversity. Join the Facebook support group for Twitterversity.

Unlinked titles are planned but as yet incomplete. Check back soon.

Twitter Basics
  1. Do These and Don't Do These: Things to do and to avoid on Twitter.
  2. Basic Twitter Terminology: Master the basic concepts of Twitter, includes a link to a Quizlet study set.
  3. Using Gmail to Manage Multiple Accounts Twitter: Works with other sites too!
  4. The Importance of your Bio and Profile: Making a good impression.
  5. #Hashtags and @mentions: How to increase the visibility of your tweets.
  6. Social Proof: Your Audience On Twitter and other Networks: Why do people take some users more seriously than others?
  1. Focusing on Followers: How to build a PLN and find valuable friends and followers.
  2. Followers and Fake Followers: Not everybody on Twitter is worthy of being your friend.
  3. Growing Followers on Twitter: How to use Tweepi and ManageFlitter to target users and grow your following.
Engagement and Content
  1. The Twitter Chat: Growing your PLN by discussion.
  2. Content: How to create engaging and interesting content.
  3. Interaction: What motivates users to interact with you?
  4. Retweeting: Retweeting is one of the most important ways to build connections and a following.
  5. PLN: Your personal learning network on Twitter.
Useful Apps to Build Your Following and Manage Twitter Engagement
I have no connection to the creators of these apps, but I have found them useful in building and analyzing my Twitter profiles. All of these start free but some have "pro" versions which cost money.
  1. Tweepi: A site the helps you to follow other users. If you find several users to model, you can use Tweepi to filter their friends, followers, and lists and more  in order find worthwhile users on Twitter to connect with. You can do most of the same things in the free version that you can do in the paid version, you will have some numerical limits imposed though.
  2. Manage Flitter: Some similar features to Tweepi, but allows you to filter in different ways.
  3. Twitter Audit: Don't use this on your account until you have already acquired a following of at least several thousand (it is free the first time, but you have to pay for updates). But it is very useful to examine if a user on Twitter is serious or has been engaging in some dirty tricks to gain a following.
  4. Twitter Counter: Allows you to see data on followers and friends over time. It may help you to understand why you are being followed and when.
  5. Klout: Klout is somewhat controversial, but purports to measure your social influence by looking at the engagement and reach of your social networking accounts. It you are becoming very active it may help you to determine which activities are having the most impact. It can also analyze your activity and help you to identify areas in which you are an expert (or at least post about way above the norm, which is Klout's definition of an expert).
  6. Tweetdeck: An app from Twitter that helps you to manage the activity in your Twitter scheme, engage with users, and schedule tweets to be delivered at optimal times. Very useful for active Twitter users.
  7. Hootsuite: Allows you to connect to multiple social media networks and accounts and blast out posts to multiple places at the same times, schedule posts, etc. Very popular app.
To see all posts on this topic click here: Twitterversity.